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'' My interest in watches began at a very early age, and in quite unusual beginnings.​


Money was in very short supply for my family being brought up by a single parent in 

quite difficult circumstances, I was always fascinated by watches.

Unable to have the real thing, from the age of seven, I started to cut out  illustrations of wrist watches from newspapers and magazines  and stuck these on 

my wrist.

The small problem was that the time never changed, I was at least to feel 

that I was wearing a wristwatch.

When out shopping with my mother, if I disappeared she would always know 

where to find me. My nose would be pressed up against the nearest jeweler's shop 

window, admiring the watches inside.


In later years my wife also complained of the same problem.

Back then, in the early 1950's , the styles of watches were vastly different from those we see today, with collections portraying extremely large and heavy watches of modernity.  The type of watch I now produce reflects my interest in those of a more simplistic period style derived from a bygone age. 

It was only many years later after I retired, I needed something to occupy my time,

so I decided to go into the production of watches, and hence my collection of today.

My collection of designs are recreated on the timeless elegance of the period styles that I am passionate about.

They have been designed to fit into our everyday lifestyles with quartz movements,

eliminating the need for constant winding.

To the purist this maybe does not fit the requirement, but in so doing it has brought these elegant design watches into a far more affordable 

bracket for most everyday pockets.

Since going into production I have sent watches all over the world to those with a similar passion as that of mine.''

Waterman's watchmakers, established in the City of York in 2002.



I received my Holmes watch this morning and intended this evening to email and say how lovely it is. I really like the colours and design on this model.

Ben Pollard, Herefordshire

Thanks yet again for a great service and another amazing watch. It will be a sad day when you stop producing these timeless pieces.

Simon Robbins, York

Many thanks for my watch received this morning. It is a superb recreation of the 1930s doctor's watch.


Robert Allen, Suffolk

I received the Curvex watch safely. What a beautiful piece of workmanship. It will be perfect to go with my 1928 Delage car.

I think this may not be the last of your watches I purchase.

Neil, HGL Dynamics

You have made a class watch with a true likeness, the quality and finish is better than ever I expected for the price.


Robert Beavers

just a few lines to let you know my two watches arrived this morning, myself and my wife are very pleased with our purchase. Your Curvex watch is a very impressive design and the quality and finish of your watches are first class.

Dr Peter Davis

A few lines to say thank you, both my watches arrived this morning, again the quality of your work and finish is first class. I own a Rolex Prince that was my fathers but its looking a little tired now, and yours is like a new lease of life to me. Keep up the good work with the period watches.

Michael Davenport

I received my Waterman Eaton's century watch today and am very happy and pleased. This watch is special for me as a Canadian American having spent many summers wandering through Eaton's. Sadly Eaton's closed its doors many years ago, making this watch even more special. Thank you again for your assistance.

David Henry

The watches have just arrived safely and are beautiful. I am looking forward to wearing them.

Thank you again - what a discovery!


Greville Waterman

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