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  13  Black  Pearls

This was our first watch and indeed only a very limited edition were ever produced. A total of 13 Black pearls were made and sold - a true rarity in today's modern mass market produced timepieces.

The Black Pearl started our journey and ignited a passion to bring back some classically inspired timepieces from the 1920'S and 30'S and add a little of today's magic.  

Watches that are made from the finest materials, timepieces that are a little different and that stand out from the rest. They're not for everyone, but then we only produce a limited edition of each and that's the way we would like to keep it.

Inspired by the Black Pearl galleon, rumour has it there were 13 Silver Pearl watches also produced at the same time as a sister to the Black Pearl watch - Well, all I can say is if you've got one, hang on to it!

Never made official and not on our log, it is one record lost in time.

We like a little mystery and historical background, and being based in York, we have plenty of that.

21 years later, we are still passionate about what we do, and having sold watches all over the world we believe some of you might like them too...

                                                       Thank you for visiting Waterman's

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